Dallas-Ft. Worth’s Premier Firearms Training Facility

VX Marksmanship is a student-driven training facility, where the product is the result of the training.  We offer 10 Levels of progressive training available for Pistol, Precision Rifle or Carbine. 

This is similar to going to college for shooting.  We offer a “personal trainer” approach to training with practical, real-life applications in our outdoor training facility.  Each Level includes 2 Courses that are 3-4 hours in duration.

Regardless of your background (novice to advanced), we can accommodate you.  Our staff includes former Special Operation’s Instructors within the Force Recon Marine, Marine Sniper and Law Enforcement SWAT community and other highly-trained instructors; with several decades of teaching experience.

Our scheduling is designed to be more convenient for you to be able to schedule with greater flexibility.  We have found that this method of training creates more well-rounded shooters that are better built in solid fundamentals with more time to practice and grow in between training sessions.

Courses are separated by topics prefaced by our instructors demonstrating specific techniques and followed by the student performing dry-fire applications, segueing into live-fire applications.

There will be a debrief after each portion of training to ensure that both the concepts and techniques being taught were clearly understood by the students.

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Tactical Firearms Training Services

Tactical Pistol Courses


This course was developed by incorporating techniques currently used by Special Operations units and Olympic competitors. Experience realistic training in an outdoor environment.

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Precision Rifle Courses


Our instructors are comprised of Marine Force Recon and Marine Sniper Instructors & Combat Vets who possess significant experience in a wide variety of long range shooting applications.

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Tactical Carbine Courses


The Tactical Carbine course is designed to challenge you, and teach you different techniques that will help you manipulate your gun effectively, under pressure in any environment.

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