Dallas-Ft. Worth’s Premier Firearms Training Facility

VX Marksmanship is an outdoor firearm training facility for the serious shooter (pistol, precision rifle and/or carbine) from beginner to advance for private citizens, military and law enforcement .  Our training doctrine is simple – develop solid fundamentals and instill a proper mindset so that our students always perform at their very best even in stressful situations, whether in self defense, competition or hunting.  We challenge our students to push their personal limits through a unique training curriculum, a professional instruction style and a facility designed to provide real-world training scenarios.  Because our training program emphasizes the proper mindset, we expect a high level of professionalism and a willingness to learn from our students.

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Tactical Firearms Training Services

Tactical Pistol Courses


This curriculum is based on techniques used by Special Operations units and Olympic competitors, and is designed to develop the skill and mindset to successfully respond to high stress threats.

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Precision Rifle Courses


This curriculum was designed by a former Marine sniper instructor and incorporates a wide variety of long range applications, including multi-positional applications for the dynamic use of your rifle.

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Tactical Carbine Courses


This curriculum is designed to enable the shooter to successfully perform under pressure in response to threatening situations (including home defense), in competition and in hunting.

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