Dallas-Ft. Worth’s Premier Firearms Training Facility

How to sign up for courses?

  1. Fill out a contact form or call us (817) 851-2618.
  2. Once we have spoken with you and found that you are eligible for our training program, you will receive a password to make payment through our standard payment portal.
  3. Scheduling (described below) will begin once payment is received.

What is VX Marksmanship?

VX Marksmanship is a firearm training facility, where serious shooters learn how to most effectively use their firearms (whether Pistol, Precision Rifle or Carbine) for self-defense, competition or sport (including hunting).  We train private citizens of all skill levels (beginners to advanced), as well as military and law enforcement personnel.

What does VX Marksmanship offer?

  • 10 Levels of progressive firearm training for Pistol, Precision Rifle or Carbine.
  • Each level consisting of two 3-4 hour courses, the first course being an introduction to the technique (firearm fundamentals, shooting on the move, etc.) and the second course being advanced training for that technique.
  • Training at our facility with three 180-degree pistol/carbine bays (including a covered bay), a 1,000-yard rifle range and a connex building village for close quarter combat drills.
  • Course training is available 7 days a week (by appointment only).
  • Memberships for clients to train at the VX facility on their own.
  • Special events (accuracy workshops, night shoots, etc.) and group training.

How can you be sure the VX curriculum will make you a better shooter?

The President and Lead Instructor of VX, Dan Sanderford, bases the VX curriculum on his training and combat experience as a Marine and in Special Operations (Force Reconnaissance), as an instructor in Special Operations, as a Marine Sniper Instructor, and as an Olympic-style rifle and pistol medalist.  The curriculum has been refined over the years with the added knowledge and skill of affiliated and staff SWAT operators and Military combat veterans.

How can you be sure VX is the right place for you?

Regardless of your skill level, the VX curriculum will make you a more effective shooter.  If you are a beginner, the curriculum starts you off with the very basics of firearm manipulation so you feel safe and confident in handling your gun.  If you are an experienced shooter, the same curriculum will allow you to work on the details and hone your skills (or you may be eligible for our “faster pace” curriculum).    Importantly, we take a personal trainer approach and keep our class sizes small.  That way, you receive individualized attention so you can progress at a pace that works for you.

VX is not a shooting in a lane at a stationary paper target type of range.  We train everyday people to prepare for real-life use of their firearm for self-protection.  We train hunters to be dynamic with their precision rifle.  We train law enforcement and military personnel to take their skill set to the next level.  If you are serious about shooting, VX is the place for you.

How to schedule a course?

We schedule your courses based on your schedule.  On a first-pay-first-serve basis, you can schedule your course for any available time slot on any day of the week Monday through Sunday.  You may be the only student in that class or there may be others (usually no more than six total) training with you.  There are not set scheduled classes you need to reschedule your life around (although we regularly have scheduled Special Events you may want to attend).

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