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VX Marksmanship is a private “real-world” firearm training facility.  Our owner and head instructor served and trained in Marine Special Operations.  Our training program is based on combat-tested techniques adapted for use in civilian settings for self-defense, hunting and competition.  Our program focuses on the dynamic application of your body, mind and firearm for success in any of these settings.  We truly believe that few, if any other facilities train civilians in this manner.

Our training is for civilians, military and law enforcement personnel who are serious about taking their firearm skills to an advanced level.  Successful participation in our curriculum requires constant focus and communication with our instructors, as well as the ability to handle stress while adapting to changing situations.  We run a safe, but intense, program.

We offer a five level curriculum for each of our three platforms — pistol, precision rifle and carbine. Each level requires two courses to complete.  However, you are not guaranteed to pass by simply showing up for each training session.  Similar to martial arts, you will need to earn your right to progress to the next level as you become more proficient through training, practice and mindset.  Our courses run 3 to 4 hours and are kept small for individualized training.  We schedule seven days a week to meet our clients’ needs.

We also offer customized training for law enforcement and military units, as well as more advanced training for private citizens who have completed their first five levels of our training program.

VX is a private facility for those who purchase training packages or group or special events.  Memberships may be offered to clients who prove to be serious and safe shooters during purchased courses.  


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Tactical Pistol Courses


This curriculum is based on techniques used by Special Operations units and Olympic competitors, and is designed to develop the skill and mindset to successfully respond to high stress threats.

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Precision Rifle Courses

This curriculum was designed by a former Marine sniper instructor and incorporates a wide variety of long range applications, including multi-positional applications for the dynamic use of your rifle.

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Tactical Carbine Courses


This curriculum is designed to enable the shooter to successfully perform under pressure in response to threatening situations (including home defense), in competition and in hunting.

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